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Certificate Description

The field of interactive media has expanded rapidly over the past few years.  Opportunities in this field exist not only at the technical production level, but for content writers as well.  Also, professionals in other fields (human resources, training, education, etc.) often may be called upon to develop content for interactive media as part of their job.

This certificate provides students with a theoretical understanding of this medium, as well as practical experience in developing original proposals, designs, and treatments for interactive media.  Students will learn the basics of writing/editing online content, thinking and designing interactively, and how users navigate interactive and online content, among other topics. Focus of this certificate is on both informational interactive media (e-training, educational CDs, interactive kiosks) and narrative interactive media (computer/video games, simulations) in online and disk-based formats.

Upon completion of the certificate, students will have assembled a portfolio that includes original design proposals for sample interactive media, Web usability studies, and other samples of their work.  Additionally, many of the courses explore career opportunities in the field.

15 hours - 5 online courses offered in 8-week modules

*Note: English 43500 is a variable topics course that can be repeated for credit with a different topic.

Schedule of Courses

Fall 2014

Engl 42501: Writing for New Media

Engl 43100: Web Usability: Writing and Reading on the Web

Spring 2015

Engl 43500*: Writing for Social Media

Engl 43700: Writing for Video Games